Implementation of an Erasmus + project

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Public Policy Institute implements the project “Democracy values and media freedom” (DEMEDIA) (2020-3-BG01-KA105-094882) under the Erasmus + program. 

The project aims to develop competencies related to critical thinking, information analysis and civil dialogue among young people from three countries. The main problem is related to the deteriorating (according to various researchers) situation of democracy and respect for democratic values in Europe and in particular in the Balkan region. It is accompanied by the specific context of media freedom, as a basic postulate of democracy, a basic human right and a critical indicator of social processes, which is assessed by independent organizations as severely deteriorated in the region of Eastern Europe. 

The main idea and direction of DEMEDIA was created jointly by young people from the three organizations – from Greece : Centre of international and European economic law ( ) and – University “St. Kliment Ohridstki” – Bitola ( ) from Republic of North Macedonia 

Participation in the project is open to all young people with an interest in the above topics, as the application form will be published as soon as possible, and the implementation of the exchange lasting 6 days is planned for mid-May, 2021. 

All transport and accommodation costs of the participants have been covered, and all anti-epidemiological measures valid at that time will be followed. 

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