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On January 29, 2016 in Sofia, the State Agency for Child Protection and the Public Policy Institute Foundation organized and carried out Conference under the heading “The Child – National Priority”. This event was dedicated to the 15th  Anniversary of the State Agency. The high officials of the Presidency, Parliament, Ministries, representatives of the municipalities, international, academic and civic organisations took part in the forum.

The participants discussed the problems of the child rights and protection systems; a change of the legislation; the governmental policies and the role of the institutions; public attitudes and the contribution of the nongovernmental organisations; child in jeopardy; collaboration of the children in the decision-making process for shaping of the child policies; implementation of the international norms and standarts.

In the closing part of the Conference the Chairperson of the State Agency for Child Protection awarded honorary diplomas to personaliies with the contributions to the child policies.

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