BULGARIAN-MACEDONIAN TALKS, Pravets 24-27th Jan 2019

BULGARIAN-MACEDONIAN TALKS, Pravets 24-27th Jan 2019


24 January (afternoon) – Arriving of Participants
19.30 – Informal Dinner

25 January 
09.00 – 09.30 – Registration of Participants
- Dr. Klaus Fiesinger – Director for Southeast Europe of Hanns Seidel Stiftung
- Dr. Zdravko Popov – President of Public Policy Institute
- Dr. Vasko Naumovski – Director of Institute for Social Research
 - Ambassador Ivan Petkov – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria

                                       POLICIES AND PROJECTS  
Проф. д-р Татяна Хубенова -   The Economic Integration of Bulgaria in the EU: Results Achieved and Future Expectations
Доц. д-р Дарко Лазаров – A Comparative Analysis of Macedonian and Bulgarian Growth Model: Current Perspectives and Future Challenges

      -  Проф. д-р Андреj Лепавцов – Acceleration of Corridor №8 Construction -      
          Crucial Step for New Perspectives of the Balkan Peninsula Transport Scheme 
- 11. 50 -  Coffee Break
Йордан Янков – European Policies and Institutional Framework for the Development of the Energetics in Southeast Europe
Асен Шарлийски – Energy Efficiency – Priority of EU and of Bulgaria
Нехри Емрула – EU – Energy Policy with a Special Reference to R.Macedonia 

13.30 - Lunch  

                                            DIGITAL TECHNOLOGIES

Проф. д-р Богдан Мирчев – Cognitive Abilities of Digital Generation – Challenge to the Traditional Humanitarian Higher Education
Проф. д-р Зоран Ивановски – Digital Education: Advancement or Threat for Traditional Universities?
Александър Лазаров – Partnership and Competition with Artificial Intelligence
16.30 – 16.50 - Coffee Break
Проф. д-р Кирил Барбареев – Challenges of the Education in the XXI Century
Доц. д-р Григорий Вазов – The Higher Education in Bulgaria – Reforms and Perspectives in the Context of the Digitalization
Проф. д-р Миjалче Горгиевски – Digital Technologies as an Upgrade of Traditional Universities

26 January
09. 30 - Opening of the Second Day of the Seminar
- Богдан Мирчев – Head of the Office of Hanns Seidel Stiftung in Bulgaria – The Initiatives of Hanns Seidel Foundation for the Encouragement of the Bulgarian-Macedonian Dialogue
10. 00 – Third Panel: Migration as Problem of the Security of the National States
- Доц. д-р Jован Андоновски – Migration – Trend and Challenges
- Доц. д-р Любов Минчева – The Middle East Conflict, Transborder Violence and Refugee Crisis: What Answer for the National Security of the Balkan States?
- Доц. д-р Марjан Гуровски – Migration, Identity, New Security Agenda and Challenges of the Regional Security Complex
11. 30 – 11. 50 -  Coffee Break
- Проф. д-р Ирена Илиева – National Security and Migration – Practices of the European Court of the Human Rights
- Емил Марков – Migration in the Context of European Solutions – Merkel and Macron versus Salvini and Orban

13. 00 – Lunch
14. 30 – Fourth Panel: The Challenges for the European Union Today
- Доц. д-р Калоян Симеонов – What are the Challenges for the EU Today?
- Проф. д-р Васко Наумовски – EU and the Balkans: Containing the Powder Keg
- Доц. д-р Христина Рунчева – EU Western Balkan Enlargement Strategy: Challenges and Perspectives
16. 00  -  16. 20  - Coffee Break
- Доц. д-р Александар Спасеновски – Secularism and Democracy: Western European Standards versus the Experiences of Orthodox European Countries 
- Доц. д-р Здравко Попов – Europeism–Nationalism – the Inner Contradiction of Europe

17.30 - 18. 00 – Conclusions and Closing Remarks
19. 30 – Informal Dinner

27 January
Breakfast and Departure of Participants.