About the Institute

The Public Policy Institute was established in 2012 as a project of its founder Zdravko Popov. The Institute has the status of a private, non-governmental organization operating under the legal form of a foundation. It is registered under the Bulgarian Law of Non-profit Organizations. Managing bodies of the Institute are the President and the Board of Directors. An International Advisory Board is formed as a consultative body of the Institute. All the functions and activities are described in the Constitutional Act of the Institute.


The Institute elaborates, organizes and performs variety of public policy trainings for the public administration, domestic and foreign.


The program established to support and to raise capacity of the Bulgarian schoolteachers in civic education by training module courses, round tables and publications.


The main issues included in this research program of the Institute are these of artificial intelligence, migration, climate changes, inequalities, governance, future of Europe.

Founder and President

Посланик Здравко Попов

Ambassador Dr. Zdravko Popov

Founder and President of the Institute


Отлагане на провеждането на Democracy values and media freedom ( DEMEDIA)

Уважаеми колеги, С оглед влошената епидемиологична обстановка и след одобрението на консорциума, провеждането на проект Democracy values and media freedom ( DEMEDIA)  се отлага за 21-29.07..2021 г. Всички останали параметри остават непроменени.За всяка допълнителна информация, моля Read more…

Лидерство по време на пандемия

Автор: проф. д-р Веселин Поповски Резюме   От незапомнени времена епидемиите засягат съдбата на държавите и техните правомощия както в краткосрочен, така и в дългосрочен план. Начинът, по който лидерите подхождат към заразните болести и защитават Read more…


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